Oh So Smooth

Gabe is one smooth cat. 
One of the ways a skill is assessed and looked at is the efficiency of movement.  The main way efficiency is defined here is the amount of energy expended for the movement.  The more efficient you are, the less energy you expend for the particular movement.  For example, Matt Fraser's butterfly pull up vs someone attempting a butterfly pull up for the first time.  Matt will be expending way less energy for the same range of motion as the inexperienced person.  Matt is more efficient.
The more skilled you are at a movement, the more efficient you will be.  You've heard the saying, "she made that look so easy."  That is an interpretation of a movement that looked easy because it was efficient, compared to an unskilled person who would have made the movement look difficult, i.e. inefficient.  A lot of times you can simply know if someone is efficient or highly skilled at a movement by the amount of smoothness they perform with.  Smooth is efficient.  Efficient is skilled. 
Gabe was floating over the bar today in his lateral jumps with a lot of efficiency and skill - oh so smooth.   
Next time you come into the gym, smooth out your movements and see how you feel!


20 minute EMOM - Alternating:
1st minute:  3 Deadlift
2nd minute:  9 burpee over bar