You Go I Go

CrossFit group classes provide incredible motivation to work hard.  It's such an enjoyable bonus to throw some partner and team workouts in there for that extra little push.  Here's a photo from todays partner action.  

Partner Workout For Time:

1000 m row (one partner at a time), 10 (each) box jumps (24/30), 10 (each) hang power clean and jerks (choose your own starting weight)
900 m row, 9 box jumps, 9 HPC and J's
800 m row, 8 box jumps, 8 HPC and J's
700 m row, 7 box jumps, 7 HPC and J's
600 m row, 6 box jumps, 6 HPC and J's
500 m row, 5 box jumps, 5 HPC and J's
400 m row, 4 box jumps, 4 HPC and J's
300 m row, 3 box jumps, 3 HPC and J's
200 m row, 2 box jumps, 2 HPC and J's
100 m row, 1 box jumps, 1 HPC and J's
While one is rowing the other partner can work on their box jumps and HPC+J's.
They can add up to 10 pounds each round to their HPC+J's.
Score is time and total combined weights of final HPC+J's