100 Is The New 80

We rarely if ever program a workout and ask folks to go 100% right out the gate.  Even in this three minute AMRAP of burpee box jumps, you could break it down, strategize and pace it out.  That wasn't the goal today.  The goal was to push as hard as you possibly could for as long as you could.  If that meant slamming into a wall as hard as you ever have, that's perfect.  The idea is to put yourself in a maximal physiological state that is more demanding than one you've been.  Your body from this new level will adapt to the stimulus via the stress cycle.  This new adaptation provides a higher threshold or level than you had before.  
To break it down in another way - If the most you've pushed yourself is 80 mph, then 80mph is your max speed, it's your 100%.  Your body has never been exposed to anything more, so it believes 80mph is your top speed.  If you step on the peddle a bit, and go 100mph, your body then goes through many different mysterious adaptive processes to set a new threshold.  After your body comes back to balance from the 100mph effort, you have changed your relative percentage points.  Now, 100 mph your body knows is 100% and 80mph, your old 100%, is now your new 80%. 
To go all out at the start of the clock is of course not always the goal, but it is good to keep in my this idea of a max relative percentages, and take advantage whenever opportunities arise.
Here's a video of the 6am girls going for it.  Alli on the cover photo looking right at home.


3 x 2 Back Squat

3 minute AMRAP:
burpee box jump (24/20in)