Mama Day

I am constantly inspired by all of the moms in our gym. Their strength, dedication, integrity and love are huge influences on me. But I am most inspired by own mom. Since I was little she has always been willing (and wanting) to work hard. She never finds excuses to NOT do things, she always finds ways to do them. Watching her climb the rope 3 times yesterday was the reminder of why I love hard work. Thank you Mama!!


With a Partner For time
8 rounds each:
150 m row while partner AMRAPs the following:
Rd. 1 - shoulder press (53/75)
Rd. 2 - front rack lunge (53/75)
Rd. 3 - KBS (35/53)
Rd. 4 - push press (63/95)
Rd. 5 - front rack lunge (63/95)
Rd. 6 - KBS
Rd. 7 - jerk (73/115)
Rd  8 - lunge (73/115)

Rower is programmed for 16 (8 each) rounds of 150 m row with 1 minute of rest.  The partner can only AMRAP during the 150 m row. Score is total time and rep