Celebrity Coach

We were honored to have world famous strength and conditioning coach from Central America sub Annie's classes this morning.  Her name is Anejandro Sakamiento, and she is known for her brutal no mercy coaching.  I'm sure if you took her classes this morning you felt the wrath of Anejandro.  She actually has a mustache that science has yet to explain.  It makes her coaching all the more ferocious.  
Alli and Sarah don't look intimidated here, but thats part of Sakamiento's strategy - make them believe in the warm up everything is going to be all hunky dory and then WAM!!  She lays it on them!

Memorial Day schedule:
7am - 8:30am - 10am - 4:30pm
Plan on giving yourself 90 minutes for class on Monday.
If you're going Rx or are planning on doing a lot of pull ups, bring hand protection!
We'll see you there!


30 minutes:
1st minute: 5 strict pull ups & 7 box jumps (24/30in)
2nd minutes: 12/15 calorie row
3rd minute: 4 shuttle runs (15 meters up and back = 1)