What Skill Do You Want To Work On?

Saturday 5/20 at 11am, Santa Cruz Central will be offering a 2 hour course on a specific skill. Given three choices, we want to know what you (the community) are most interested in learning! The three skills are:


Vote for which one you are most interested in by writing the name of the skill below in the comments. The course will be $20 for members, $30 for non members, and open to all levels. If your favorite skill is not chosen, stay tuned, we will be offering more skill specific courses throughout the Summer!

It was VIlma's 90th birthday on Wednesday!  She's been doing CrossFit for 15 years!

It was also Cameron's birthday on Thursday.  Not sure how old he is, but I know he is one photogenic dude!
Also shout out to Nick who's birthday was on Wednesday!  


15 minute clock - Every 3 minutes:
400 meter run
1 x max effort set of handstand push up