She Gets Down

Have you ever noticed in yourself (or someone else) that you don't get under the bar as much as you could in the jerk portion of a Grace like ground to overhead?  It's light enough to push press so maybe you don't get under it as much as you could to make it more efficient?  Then once you remember or get cued to "get under it!" you realize how much easier it is.  Here is Ashley receiving the jerk in a beautiful position. 
The point of this post is getting under the bar.  How do you know from this photo she is getting under the bar efficiently?  If you're not sure, see answer below photo.

Ashley's hair is yet to settle back down.  This means she had some speed getting under the bar.  AND she is in a solid position, which would lead us to believe she was jerking efficiently. 


Push Press 3 x 3

10 minutes AMRAP:
Unbroken ground to overhead (95/135lb)
200 meter run at every break and start of clock