Not A Crutch - Just Progress

Cover photo is of Kris back squatting in lifting shoes for the first time.  He is a super solid squatter with any shoe, but putting lifting shoes on him took that movement to the next level!

If you've considered purchasing lifting shoes, this is a good perspective to have - it's not (or less) about lifting more weight, and more about putting yourself in a safer position to move weight.  Well if you can't get in a safe position should you be lifting? - the lifting shoes as a crutch response.  
It's always good to keep in mind the purpose your lifting shoes are serving, but for the most part, lifting in running shoes is simply not a safe endeavor.  Kris is a good example of someone who looks incredible squatting in running shoes, but putting on some lifters brings him to the next level - not a crutch at all, just progress.  

Video is Josh in the tall clean and split jerk skill work this morning.


3 x 6 Back Squat