Is CrossFit A Religion?

This is such a fascinating question to me, mainly because it doesn't seem like "religion" is clearly defined.  One of the definitions of religion is, "a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance."  This definitely falls in line with CrossFit.
Or even look at this one, "a particular system of faith and worship."  I'm no theologian - I'm not sure I even know anyone who studies religion, and worship is a strong word, but something you do every day, think about frequently (or all the time), and believe in deeply even though you may not understand exactly what's going on - this kind of seems like a form of worship and faith.
If I may...
When you really get into the nitty gritty of anatomy and physiology, there are a lot more questions than answers.  The black box model depicts this well.  We know what we are putting into the black box - workouts, and we know what we are getting out - results/fitness, but we honestly at the most fundamental level have little clue or idea about what is happening to cause these results.  For example, how your muscles contract is best understood today with the "sliding filament theory," - key word there?  Theory.  
So if we don't completely understand what is happening in this black box that is causing our fitness, wouldn't you say we have some form of faith in a not fully comprehended power that enables us to become more fit and healthy?  And the fact that this faith causes us (or some of us) to eat, breathe, and sleep CrossFit, would it be a far stretch to say this is a form of worship? - worshiping this unknown power that causes us to be the most fit form of ourselves.   Maybe worship is less about what you think the word means and more about what you do with your thoughts, words, and actions.
This by the way is without mentioning community, which may be the most important variable in the idea that CrossFit is a religion.
So I ask you, is CrossFit a religion?  

I'm not saying CrossFit is a religion, but it sure is an interesting question that if any of you feel the call to continue down this rabbit hole with me, please hit me up!

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The Church Of CrossFit

I'm not sure if CrossFit is a religion, but if it were this young lady would have a special seat at the table, assuming there are tables in religions, or seats... Anyway, happy belated birthday Steph!  We love you!

Tuesday, The 4th Of July Schedule:
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10 rounds:
10 Gh sit ups
6 DB burpee dedlift step up (25/35lb)