A To The D

When was the last time you ripped your hands? We've seen a lot of ripped hands over the years, and I have especially noticed recently some torn hands that could use a little more care. What are you doing to heal your hands after they rip? How long is it taking?  Here are a series of photos across three days after I ripped my hands Wednesday evening . Knowing "Barbara" was coming up on Monday and L pull ups on Friday, I wanted to make sure the old mits got some good lovin.

Thursday morning.

Saturday morning.

Friday post L Pull ups & Overhead squats.


Sunday morning pretty much ready to go!

If you have your own way to heal rips, fantastic.  If you don't and you want to heal your hand in 2-3 days (depending on the severity), find yourself some A&D ointment.  Make sure you always have a little bit on, and especially make sure you put some on before going to be.  


With a partner for time:

Both partners complete 5 rounds each of 10 calories rowing and 20 double unders, working at the same time but alternating movements. Then, 10,8,6,4,2,4,6,8,10 reps of 1-arm hang power snatch (25/35) into overhead step up (20"), alternating step ups with partner. Both partners also complete 1 rope climb between rag set. Finishing by repeating 5 rounds each of 10 calories rowing and 20 double unders.