Bar Muscle Up Comparison

Did anyone watch the Central regional team events?  Specifically Rich Froning's team Mayhem Freedom go through event #3 with the bar muscle ups?  Rich has always had a much more straight up and own style bar muscle up, similar to Ethan below.  Although Ethan is pretty unique in that his hips come no where near the bar!  He is such a strong puller!
The other way to approach a bar muscle up, arguably the more efficient way, is to get your hips up to the bar.  Do you see the difference in Skips bar muscle up (second video below) compared to Ethan?
If you want to see another really good comparison of these two different approaches, click the link below, go to the Central regional tab, click "T3" and go to the 1:32:40 mark.
Mahem Freedom Bar Muscle Ups

Tuesday, The 4th Of July Schedule:
7am - 8:30am - 10am


10 rounds:
1st minute:  Prowler Push (15 meters up and back)
2nd minute: 2-3 Bar muscle Ups
*focus is on proficiency of movement - not scored