Big Numbers!

Got the entire 6am class in the video, and Lacy on the cover photo.
I've written about this on the website before, but I was absolutely amazed again with the strength, commitment and swag of the 6am women this morning.  We don't usually focus on numbers, but look at the freakin numbers being put up this morning by these women!  Becca at 133, Lacy at 113 (she got 4/5 squats at 123), Alli 118, Lindsay 153, Stacy and Steph both at 103, and Ashley anchoring the squad at 173!!! 
Big shout out to these ladies.  Thank you for putting in the work consistently and inspiring others like myself along the way!


20 minutes to work up to a heavy full clean + 5 front squats

5 minute AMRAP:
burpee pull up