Small World

We had a couple of visitors this morning at 9am; Calvin and Jonas. They were a wonderful reminder of how small this world really is, and how connected we all are. Calvin Keyser-Allen (standing next to me) grew up in Santa Cruz. He played football for Harbor High (where I went to school as well) and was coached by Izzy's best friend's grandpa. He now lives in Stockholm where he does Crossfit (and was on the regional team) for Crossfit Nordic, the same gym where my dear friends Mads and Jenny Jacobsen are. He's here in Santa Cruz for his wedding (he's marrying Jonas' sister). He proposed to his bride to be in Kona, and by chance Sparky and Haley were also in Kona at the time and they all happen to meet each other at a Crossfit over there. Sparky and Haley were in Kona for a wedding, and it turns out the bride that brought them to Hawaii was Calvin's prom date in high school. And on top of it all, last year when I placed second at the Games the Sentinel did a small write up on it, but on top was a story about the Fittest Fan at the Games... Calvin Keyser-Allen!  The stories just got better and better this morning!! Even better, Calvin and Jonas were fantastic guests and proof how small but amazing our world is.



Back Squat: 3x4

Tabata Burpees
Rest 1 minute
Tabata Row