One Back, Two Forward

It can be hard to take a step back and “un-do” or “unlearn” something we already know how to do in order to do it better. It requires a lot of patience and faith. It means delaying gratification in hopes that it will pay off down the road.
Lindsay is a wonderful example of this. She could do bar muscle ups. She had no problem getting herself on top of the bar for multiple reps. BUT… she “chicken winged” it every time. It wasn’t a factor of strength (or lack thereof), just a bad habit that she couldn’t break. Lindsay started doing some drills, twice a week, to try to help her get rid of the habit. A couple of weeks ago I saw her do 6 or 7 consecutive with absolutely no “chicken wing”. Today she held sets of 4 for 5 rounds.
Way to go Linds!!!


5 Rounds:
EMOM (Alternating Minutes):
1. 6 Back Squats
2. 6 Bar MU or 12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups or 18 Pull Ups