Big Chunks

Do you approach each workout the same way? In general we think about how to complete the given work in the least amount of time or perform the most reps in the allotted time (AMRAP).

One idea that could be helpful is to look at workouts from different perspectives of stimulus. Take todays wall ball workout for example. If the goal is to get the fastest time, a lot of us would consider breaking the wall balls up early to be able to sustain a faster pace throughout the workout.

It may be useful to sometimes not look at the fastest possible outcome. Instead, you could think more reps per set. Do you see why this maybe wouldn’t be ideal for overall time? The intention with big sets is to train stamina - to build the bodies ability to sustain output in a given set.

Wall balls aren’t the greatest example of this - some people were banging out sets of 40 today, and there’s a human in the gym who did “Karen” unbroken. Chest to bar pull ups could make more sense. A lot times you’ll see the highest level athletes break up pull ups early and often - pace for overall time. Every once in a while (or often) in training, it can be good to push bigger sets and forget about time. What other movements do you think could benefit from this approach? Are there other different approaches could you take in a workout that would emphasize other adaptions?

Collette, Lacy, and Becca holding for a proper three seconds.



7 x 1 Front Squat - 3s pause in bottom

3 rounds:
400 meter run
40 wall ball (10/9ft) (14/20lb)