Film To Figure

It can be incredibly helpful to film yourself lifting, or doing any skill-based movement for that matter. Today we were working a bit on what the lats do in the pull of the snatch - mainly keeping the bar close to the body. This is not so easy to determine just by feel of the lift. Taking a side angle view of a snatch can give you a lot of feedback for three really important things today:
1. Did the bar stay close to my body through the first pull - sweeping back into the hips?
2. Did I bump it out in front horizontally or maybe swing it instead of drive it vertical with elbows high and wide?
3. For todays high-hang - how much hip flexion did I use? This one is extremely difficult to get exact by feel.

I thought Rosemary was doing a fantastic job at these three points. What’s your assessment?


5 x 1 (3-Position Power Snatch)
1. Power Snatch
2. Low-Hang Power Snatch
3. High-Hang Power Snatch

4 rounds:
30 second Assault Bike sprint
4 minutes rest