Lydia was making great headway on her handstand walking during today’s 7am class. A big part of that was Carmen’s coaching and spotting.
Spotting can be one of the most effective ways of helping someone learn a new skill or improve on one they’re already working on. BUT… spotting someone well takes a lot of attention and some finesse.
Being spotted requires a lot of trust, especially on something like a handstand walk. If the spotter is not giving their full attention the athlete cannot fully trust them and will often not go into the task with confidence. Also, a spotter can “over spot” (making it too easy) or under spot if they’re not in tune with the athlete and their capabilities.
You can tell Carmen is spotting Lydia really well here; she is totally focused when Lydia kicks up, she’s not grabbing Lydia’s ankles but just leaving her hand loosely at her ankles to make Lydia work (and lean into her) to walk.


10 Rounds:
Strict HSPU (athletes chooses a number they can hold across all 10 rounds)

3 Rounds:
Row for Cals for 1:00
GHD Sit Up for 1:00
Handstand Walk for 1:00
Rest for 1:00