Slo Mo Tempo

For those that struggle with double unders, this video may help out.
Double unders are all about tempo and timing.
If you watch the tempo of Tim’s jump (doing double unders) and Dave’s jump in the back ground (doing single unders) you can see that Tim is jumping at the same tempo, and even a bit slower, than Dave and really not that much higher. Many people think they need to jump faster in order to do a double under, but you in fact often may need to jump a bit slower. It’s the wrist that needs to go faster; rotating right in front of the torso.


With a partner, 20 Minute AMRAP 10 rep unbroken sets of back squat, one partner squatting at a time. Athletes choose their own starting weight and add 10 pounds each round. Each round starts with a one of the following buy ins in the following order:
100 (as a team) double unders,
50 GHD sit ups,
100 double unders,
50 ring rows,
100 double unders,
50 ring dips,
100 double.
If an athlete cannot complete a round unbroken they drop 20 pounds for the next round.
Their score is there combined final weights.