How Many Toes You Don't Have

Movement can be very interesting when you consider the fact that there are no two bodies exactly alike, but sometimes we think a particular movement should look a specific way. Length of limbs, capsule/socket relationships, or how many toes someone does or doesn’t have are all ways that if you tell 10 people to squat, you’ll get 10 different movements.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for “good” movement and positions, it’s just important to remember humans are imperfectly perfect and when desiring a specific outcome when it comes to movement (or life in general?), we must consider the context in which we aim.

This photo of Todd stimulated these thoughts. I’ve heard it described as “long femurs,” but essentially there are some people, a lot of people actually, unrelated to height who’s femurs cause the torso to be less upright when squatting. But I look at Todd in the scope of this thought, and see someone doing an excellent job with what he’s working with. Could/should he be more upright? I’m not sure. Let’s see hoe many toes he has first


3-4 x 2 Clean @ 80% - rest 60s between each set

3 rounds:
2-5 weighted pull up
10 Reverse Goblet Lunge
*each round every 2 minutes

3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
15 hang squat clean (115/80lb)
*Add 5 ring muscle ups to Rx+it