Did You Get My Good Angle?

Hailey has always been one of those clean natural movers. Here she is at 7am working nicely with a solid weight.

Bar path is probably the most important consideration in weightlifting. I’m pretty sure every position in weightlifting is a function of bar path. That “path” is the most efficient way for the bar to go from point A (the ground) to point B (overhead).

Especially in her second lift, you can notice how nicely the bar sweeps back into her thighs/hips (closer to center of mass) where she then extends beautifully (lifting the bar) and pulls herself under (not the bar up) into her front squat position.

If you have a camera, it can be extremely useful to set it up at a side angle to see where your bar path is. Does the bar stay close? Does it go out away from your body? There’s an incredible amount to learn from filming yourself lifting from a side/bar path angle.


5x2 Clean - 60s rest between each set

3 rounds:
5-7 Feet elevated ring row
:20-:30/side - side plank
*each round every 2 minutes

1K Row
50 Wall Ball
500 meter row
35 Wall Ball
250m row
20 Wall Ball