You Choose

Here they come!  Another brilliantly programmed workout in the 2018 CrossFit Open.  For a lot of people, this workout is all about not hitting the wall or failing on the handstand push ups.  We've all been there - once the shoulders are done, that's it - nothing you can do and now the 9 minutes is up, you're 18.4 is over and you're probably laying on your head with a last ditch attempt to get one more rep. 

So what do you do?  The answer lies in pacing (surprised?).  Pacing is a function of understanding who and where you are as an athlete.  If you watched the show last night (please do if you haven't already and are planning on doing 18.4), you saw one of the fittest humans on the planet in Scott Panchick pace his Diane out.  He ended up still sub 3, but as you watch the video you'l'l notice (he breaks up his deadlifts) how calculated he is.  He ends up catching BKG in the end and beating him by over a minute. 

So what's your pace?  Are you doing all of your deadlifts unbroken? Have you done Diane?  Have you done 45 handstand push ups before?  These are all things to consider when deciding your pace and approach.  Talk to a coach - ask questions if you have them.

Annie mentioned today, and it may be helpful for a lot of you in this workout, to consider 1-offing the HSPU from the start.  If you hold 1-off handstand push ups with consistent very short rest intervals and can move through the deadlifts with small amounts of reps (you can still break them up), you stand a chance to have a pretty sweet Diane time - estimated around 5-6 minutes.   

Again, it's all about staying away from that failure point - and what's the most sure-fire efficient way to do that?  BREAK THE REPS UP.  
Breaking the reps up early means YOU are choosing when to rest, not fatigue.  Once fatigue is calling the shots, game over!

Another thing to consider is hand position.  You may find a turned-out hand position feels better, especially locked out overhead.
Alison looked very strong today in that position.  



2 k row
150 reps of double under
10 rounds of:
1 rep of rope climb
10 reps of push-up