Let It Fly!

Smiling has been studied and documented as an incredibly effective way to decrease the bodies sympathetic nervous system (flight or flight, i.e stress response) activity and increase the parasympathetic nervous system activity (rest and digest, i.e decrease stress response). 

What can happen before CrossFit workouts (especially if you're focusing on extrinsic motivations - click here if you are) is an over-excitation of the sympathetic nervous system and it can be challenging to find calm before a workout.  A key performance factor is keeping the heart rate low enough to continue the desired work output.  If the HR is already through the roof before moving, it'll be more challenging to keep it down as you start.

One way to keep the sympathetic nervous system activity in check is a simple solution - smile :)  Smiling not only decreases the stress response, it can also stimulate thoughts of enjoyment and pleasure.  And as we all know enjoyment is the best performance enhancer on the market, and it's free!  So why not smile before, during or even after (very effective recovery tool) the workout?!  You actually don't even need a reason to, just let it fly and reap all the benefits! 


Sumo Deadlift

Build to a Heavy 3-Rep

“Lung Butter”

Teams of 3
7 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
150′ Shuttle Sprint
10/7 Calorie Schwinn Bike
150′ Shuttle Sprint