End of the Open

Today the majority of us did the last workout of the 2018 Open. 
I believe, that in my 7 years of participating in the Open, this was BY FAR the best programmed year yet. And I don't mean in terms of my performance, because in that sense, it has been my worst year yet. 
This year has spotlighted the elite of elite, show casing what a small percentage of those participating in this sport are capable of. But it did so in a way that was still inclusive of everyone else that wanted to play also. Many of our athletes started the Open "Rx'd" and finished the Open "Rx'd". That has not always been the case. 
The workouts were simple and accessible for all of the affiliates. We didn't have to buy elaborate equipment or even set up crazy areas for folks to work in. 
It gave us all great things to work on going forward; high rep double unders, muslce ups, more virtuous HSPU's, chest to bar pull ups, etc., etc., etc., 
And most of all the 2018 brought out the best in us. So many people hung out to help others set up and judge each other. We sat in the cold and rain to cheer each other on. We had firsts: first Muslce Ups! First OHS at 115#. PR Cleans!! And that's because we put forth our best efforts. And no matter what happens on the Leaderboard, as long as we gave our best effort, we win!



7 Minute Ladder:
3-6-9-12-15-18-21 etc. (is there really an etc???)
Thruster (100/65#)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups