A Bit of Trivia

Anyone recognize this lady right here??
This is Lynne Pitts. 
In the early days of Crossfit most of the community was connected through the internet. There were a few boxes scattered here and there, but the majority of the community resided on line. People would check the website every day for the workout, perform it, and post their results and comments on line. It was the virtual whiteboard. 
One of the people that was doing the workouts and posting on a daily basis was Lynne. And one day the workout consisted of 5 rounds of max reps of bodyweight bench press and pull ups. Lynne, who at one time had a double body weight bench press, posted a score of 77 bench press at 115# (body weight for her) and 95 pull ups!! Within just a few hours of her posting her score, "Coach" (aka Greg Glassman) named the workout "Lynne". As far as I know, it was one of the first workouts named after an actual Crossfit participant.



"Strict Lynne"
5 Rounds:
Body Weight Bench Press (Max Reps)
Strict Pull Ups (Max Reps)
Rest 3 minutes between rounds