What It Is

Do you ever find yourself so excited for a future event you can't stop thinking about it? 

Take for example "Thrancy" this week, or any workout that gets you jazzed up to hit hard.  You can't wait to come in for that workout, so bad you've spent most of your day thinking about it.  

There is some wisdom in the idea that in order to enjoy a future event to the extent we'd like, we must hone the skill of enjoying the current moment, whatever it may be, as much as possible.  

So do your future self a favor, and let go of whatever it is that isn't right now.

Here's another question, and based on the responses to the last question post, if you write ANYTHING at all in the comment section, you'll probably win.  

What is out of place in this photo?



For time:
250/300 m row
50 double unders
200 m run
15/20 calorie assault bike
15/20 calorie ski erg
Prowler push (90#) 2 there and backs

In between movements athlete pick 4 random jellybeans (8 colors possible). Each color represents a different barbell movement (DL, BS, FS, SP, PP, Jerk, HPS, or HPC), then arrange the 4 movements into a 4 part complex and complete it 3 times unbroken .