Masters and Movers

Mike moving some sandbags back and forth during today's workout.


As we all know, Collette puts in a ton of work in the gym. And she does it very quietly, off in the corner, not needing any extra attention or fanfare. She has gotten to reap the benefits of all those hours of hard work this weekend during the Crossfit Games AGOQ. Yesterday, after never having snatched over 103#, she snatched 115# four times. Today, after never having cleaned over 153# she power cleaned 170# FIVE TIMES!!! What an inspiration to all of us!! Here is her first rep...


Teams of 3
3 rounds (6 minutes/Rd.):
Buy in - 
30 power cleans (105/155)
45 strict pull ups
60 wall balls
Teammates work at the same time at different stations, rotating stations whenever they like, until all reps are completed. Then they AMRAP relay 15 meter sand bag carries.
Rest 2 minutes between rounds.
Score is the number of sand bag carries completed.