All Eyez on Me

Having everyone watch and count for us while doing a max effort can be very nerve wracking. Most of us don't like to be in the "spotlight" like that. But, it keeps us accountable for our movements, and we often can get one or two more reps when everyone is watching and cheering us on. Did anyone give it 110% today because they knew everyone was watching??


Here's photos of all of today's scores (click the photo)
In all the gym did 346 Pull Ups and 1379 Push Ups.

Top Score from today:
Pull Ups
Brian Lee: 18
Lindsay: 12
Push Ups
Grayson Greco: 82
Lindsay: 65
One Mile Run
Arthur Kinsolving: 5:54
Lacy Dawson: 6:54


Max Effort Pull Up

Max Effort Push Up

One Mile Run for time