Got Feedback?

Did you enjoy todays workout?  It really helps to get feedback from everyone about the programming, whatever flavor of input that may be.  Annie and Connor are leading the way in programming at the moment, so let them, or any other trainers for that matter, know what you think!

Today was a great example of some creative ways to vary programming so that the body is continually triggered for adaption.  

I overheard Cathy saying how her and Marilyn had never done that many burpees in one minute.  There is a lot of applicable value in challenging max efforts like the 1 minute max burpee.  Can you see why?  Or if you did the workout, you can probably feel how?

If you're interested in other creative ways to approach workouts, see the two previous nights posts!

On your mark...


Get set...




Part I - Volume Series:
Every 3 minutes for 5 rounds:
10s Max Push Ups
- rest to :30 second mark
10s Max strict pull up
- rest to 1:00min mark
20s Max double under
- rest to 3:00min mark
Part II:
3 rounds of: [every 5 minutes]
300 m row
12 reps of shoulder-to-overhead at 135/95 lb
[rest to the 3 minute]
burpee for 1:00
rest for 1:00