Exercise AND Nutrition

This is Jamie. 
Then and now.
If you were around the gym this morning, you may have been lucky enough to meet him. Jamie is visiting from Boston, where he is a member of CF New England. After the workout Jamie told me that about 5 years ago he weighed 220 pounds and had a cholesterol level over 400. When his doctor told him he would have to go on Statins, Jamie thought there must be another answer than being on medication the rest of his life. So he started a strict Paleo diet and immediately dropped 20 pounds in 2 weeks. He then joined CFNE and was down 50 pounds and his cholesterol was 140 just six months later. ALL WITHOUT MEDICATION!! 
His story is extremely inspiring, and the proof that with a combination of exercise AND good nutrition, we can make a huge difference in our health.



4 Rounds:
3 Minute Clock:
500/430m Row (Buy In)
AMRAP Front Squats in the remainder of the time
Rest 3 Minutes
Front Squat Weights:
Round 1: (135/83#)
Round 2: (155/103#)
Round 3: (185/123#)
Round 4: (205/133#)