Straight Postulating

How is your posture right now?  Are you sitting up straight?  Or are you slumping over with a rounded back? 
As science goes on, we continue learning fascinating things about the human body and mind.  A lot of these things are considered by many old or ancient wisdom, but it sure doesn't hurt to have the backing of modern science.
Sitting up straight is an integral part of many forms of meditation.  There's no need to get esoteric here, but when you sit up straight, shoulders gently back and down, how do you feel?  Maybe sit there for a minute and just observe how you feel and what thoughts come up.  Then, do the same with a rounded or slumped back.  Any difference?  For most people there is a significant difference between the two. 
Sitting up straight makes us much more attentive, which is why it is a foundational piece of meditation.  They've also studied and learned that sitting up straight increases confidence and peace of mind.  
Posture is hugely important when it comes to body language, and with what they know now about what's happening under the hood when we demonstrate positive body language, it seems like a no brainer skill that is worth putting effort towards.

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Have you noticed yourself ever rounding your back in the catch (front) position of a row stroke?  See how it feels next time your on the rower to stay more upright through your spine - your low-back will appreciate it!
Here is Sequoia lifting some WEIGHT in the video, with Elizabeth on the cover shot.  


3 x 2 Front Squat

Tabata Row