Looking For Luck?

Todays workout was 5 sets of a max effort bar dip and a 500 meter row.  The question, and maybe challenge of the day, was to find your "5-set max". 

We all know about 1-rep (or set) maxes.  For the most part it's pretty simple - find a way to do as much or go as fast as you can.  You can think of that 1-rep max level as a threshold - you simply cannot go above it.  If I asked you to hop on the dip bar and do as many dips as you can, the number you got would be your 1-set threshold.

The questions is, where is your 5-set threshold?  Instinctively, you'll more than likely guess it's below your 1-rep threshold - but where exactly?  That was the challenge today, to find that number of dips or time on the row where it was the highest output you could perform while holding it consistently across 5 sets.  

Couple shout outs today.  Happy birthday to E.G. and Steph Luck (pictured below) who had birthdays this week!
Steph's depth and positioning in her dip here is beyond impressive.  We can all learn a lot from this photo, especially if you're intentions are to "get" a muscle up!


7, 8:30 AND 10AM


5 rounds:
:50 seconds to perform ONE max effort set of bar dips
At the one minute mark:
500 meter row for time
*each round is every 6 minutes