Accuracy is one of the ten general physical skills. It is one thing to be accurate when you're "fresh" or not challenged by some of the other physical skills (stamina, speed, endurance, etc.) Today Josh challenged everyone with some accuracy activities during a longer AMRAP; in which you had to complete a certain number of "reps" at a given station after having done some other taxing work. Here's Collette and Kelly during two of those tests.


Fourth of July Schedule:
7, 8:30 and 10am


Teams of two AMRAP the following for 20 minutes:
10 hang power clean and jerks (65/95)
10 plyometric push ups (clapping)
30 double unders.
*partners working at same time, splitting reps however they like.
After each round, teams complete one of the four following activities:
1. Four consecutive juggles of a soccer ball.
2. Four completed free throws.
3. Four sand bag tosses through the "cornhole".
4. Four completed football passes (50 feet).