Speed O'Squat

Here is a video of Angelo on a heavy front squat single this morning (Ethan on the cover).  I had the fortunate opportunity to share a rack with Angelo, and we took the time to discuss many of the factors that go into a 5 x 1 front squat workout.  

Angelo's previous 1RM was 165lb.  As we were building up we noticed how fast he was lifting his warm ups, and started to talk a bit about how lifting speed can give you a great clue as to where an athlete is with a particular lift.  It's a very simple idea, once the weight starts slowing you down, it's getting heavy.  

Although it's a simple idea to understand, it can take a lot of time and experience to train your eye and body to observe and feel when these changes start to happen - and from there, very importantly, choose the appropriate weight. 

In this video where Angelo is 10 pounds above his previous 1RM, you can notice his speed is still pretty good standing up.  Performing a 10lb PR for five singles with moderate speed is fantastic and tells us he's got much more room in the tank for his next workout!  

How was your speed today for your singles?  Did you push more of a max front squat and feel a slower lift?  Or did you decide to stay under that max threshold slower lift for five consistent sets?


5 x 1 Front Squat
*same weight

For time:
100 Double Under
50 KBS (35/53lb)
100 Double Under
5 Rope Climb
100 Double Under
50 KBS
100 Double Under