Effort And Attitude

Last week we talked about the recovery benefits associated with spending time in a community (CLICK HERE).  I asked if you could think of other ways to support your recovery that don't cost a penny.  Did you think of any?  Thank you Marshall and Annie for your great answers.

Another phenomenal practice to help recovery is reading.  Reading positive, inspirational and uplifting texts can instantly change your mindstate into a more stress free space, which as we know from last week, will aid in recovery.

But books cost money!?  They do if you pay for them ;)  Another benefit of being in community is that everyone you know probably has more spectacular books than they know what to do with.  These two below, which are incredible and highly recommended, actually came from Annie. 

The quote today, "I focus on only the things that I have total control over, my effort and my attitude," came from "Think Like A Warrior" pictured below. 

Reading to learn new ideas and applying them in beneficial ways is fantastic, but do you remember and apply everything you've read?  Reading can also be leveraged as a very effective tool for experiencing feel good recovery hormones and neurotransmitters!

These two recovery tools, community and inspirational reading, are two of the "Eight DD's For Recovery" of MNM Trilogy Training, a training template I am currently putting together.  "DD's" stands for "daily disciplines" and "MNM" is an acronym for Movement, Nutrition, and Mind.  This program is designed for anyone looking to take their training to the next level. 
More info coming soon!

Lydia exemplifies a successful athletes approach - always putting in great effort and keeping a positive attitude. 
How do you feel about your effort and attitude today?  Is there something there to learn and improve on?


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