Mind Over Matter?

Static holds are a great place to practice mind over matter. Most of the time we give up mentally before we give out physically in static holds (at least I know I do).  Where did you give out today first? In the body or in the mind??
Here's Ethan looking pretty comfy in his goblet squat while Mike jumps on.



Partner 20 minute AMRAP:
Partner one holds a static chin over the pull up bar as long as possible then lowers into a static hang over the bar.
Partner 2 completes as many push press (53/75) while their partner's chin is over the bar then shoulder presses while partner is hanging from the bar.
Partner 1 stays at the bottom of a goblet squat (35/50 DB) while partner 2 AMRAPs box jumps (20/24).
Partner 1 planks while partner 2 AMRAPs an unbroken set of KBS (53/70).
Partner 1 holds a handstand while partner 2 AMRAPs tuck-ups.
Then partners relay 2 40-meter sand bag carries then switch static/dynamic roles.
The score is the total AMRAP reps completed.