Central Athlete Feature!

The featured athlete this day is Mr. Nathan Tiller.  Nathan has been hitting it hard in the gym lately with excellent effort and attitude.  He's also going for his level 1 in a few short weeks!

Nathan shared some thoughts and sent us a cool article from the NY Times the other day (click here to read) about the power of positive people, "...it has me thinking about the positive feedback mechanism of the environment that I've experienced and appreciated about CSCC... it's about surrounding yourself with people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, and even in dealing with difficulties in life, and how that can have a positive impact on your life. And that is one of the things that I have appreciated about CSCC -- people who are interested in fitness in a community setting, which keeps me coming back and has me healthier than I have ever been in my life".

That's what's all about, surrounding yourself with people who will support your process in being the best version of yourself.  Not sure how to get there?  Find people who are where you want to be and spend time with them.  



5 rounds:
5 Bench Press
1 Lsit Rope Climb
*each round every 3 minutes

100 KBS (70/53lb) for time:
*1 prowler push (50/90lb) (30 total meters) every 90 seconds, including start of the clock