What's Your Why?

Annie had a great post the other night ( CLICK HERE if you haven't read it) about approaching workouts when necessary with more of a recovery mindset. 

In a way, you could look at this as working out at a percentage of your normal intensity.  100% effort would be max intensity, so maybe you ratchet it back when you're not feeling it and work at 70, 60 or even 50% of that intensity.

Another application of this same idea is seen in the best powerlifting gyms in the world.  The strongest guys in the world actually don't push max intensities lifting super heavy weights all the time.  They don't do this, because as Annie said, this does not actually set you up for being able to (paradoxically?) lift heavy weights.  Rather, you train at percentages of your max - in this example with speed - which not only allows the neuromuscular functioning to become more powerful and strong, it also allows it to recover more quickly.

This is a widely used idea in all sports, and it's something that can be invaluable as an athlete to understand (assuming you're training for progress?)

This concept is part of The Secret Of 70% - a philosophy in MNM Trilogy Training - the training program I am currently developing. 
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There were a lot of impressive jumpers this morning - Lauren being one of them. 



10 rounds of:
(00:00) 2 reps of clean deadlift
(00:40) 3 reps of bar dip [weighted]
(01:20) 4 reps of box jump