Open Up

It's easy to push harder and do things that we didn't think were possible during the Open--there is the rush of "competition" and everyone around you, suffering with you, and cheering you on. So it's easy to imagine NOT doing as well on an Open workout when we do them randomly throughout the year.
BUT... sometimes taking the "pressure of competing" off of us can actually lead us to performing better! We stay more relaxed which can be a huge benefit to performance. Also, many of you have been putting in extra work since the Open, and now you get to see that work paying off. Take Lacy for instance... she was unable to get one ring MU in the Open, but today she got THREE!!
(Disclaimer: this video is from a previous day)

Speaking of putting in a little extra work and seeing some gains...

MNM-Trilogy-flyer (2).jpg


Open 18.3
2 Rounds for time (14 Minute Cap)
100 DU's
20 OHS (115/80#)
100 DU's
12 Ring MU
100 DU's
20 Single Arm DB Snatch (50/35#)
100 DU's
12 Bar MU