Imagine you have a computer that you could type in any question to and it would give you the answer. 
   Guess what, you already have one. It's in your head. It's called your brain. Our brains thinks in questions and answers to them. Think about it. Maybe you are thinking, "this post is lame." Well, you would have first had to ask the question, "is this post lame?" or "what do i think about this post?" You can ask your brain anything and it will come up with an answer eventually, even if it's a question that doesn't necessarily have a correct answer. 
   If things aren't going your way, you could ask "why is this happening to me?" or "why don't people like me?" or "why am I so bad at [fill in the blank]?" And your brain WILL come up with an answer for these questions, eventually.
   Conversely, you could ask "what am I proud of in my life?" or "what am I grateful for in my life?" or "how can I get better at [fill in the blank]?" Either way, if you ask often enough and with enough intent, you will get an answer.
   If you have a problem and it's causing you to be angry or frustrated chances are you are not asking the right questions. Problems are just questions we don't have the answers to. 
   We can change the quality of our life by changing the questions we ask. Listen for the questions you ask and replace those negative ones with positives.


Open Workout 18.1

20 minute AMRAP
   8 Toes To Bar
   10 DB Hang Clean and Jerk (35/50)
   12/14 Cal Row