What's Your Recovery Routine?

CrossFit is inarguably the most broadly applicable and effective fitness program on the planet.  There's one simple ingredient to why that is - CrossFit truly understands intensity

Adaptations (desirable fitness outcomes/goals) from training are most effectively received via intensity.  Intensity means the body gets worked.  

When you workout, you send your body into an alarm and then recovery phase (see Hans Selye stress model).  You are NOT getting stronger from working out, you are getting stronger/fitter from the recover of that workout, i.e the time between workouts.

Because CrossFit effectively utilizes intensity and puts our bodies into a deep recovery state - ever felt sore after a workout ;), it becomes all the more important to be aware of this process of improving fitness, and most importantly, to stay healthy.  

If you're someone who is looking forward to participating in CrossFIt for years to come, there has to be some consideration to what you're doing between workouts.  The workouts are just too intense (effective) to not have this awareness - again, this is assuming you're looking to increase your likelihood of participating in CrossFit for years to come.  

A simple application would be to take a basic stretch routine, like a sun salutation, and perform two of those before bed.  This literally takes approximately 1:30 minutes, but this simple routine before bed will open up your body profoundly before sleep.  Next step would be to do two of these sun salutations first thing in the morning when you wake up.  One week challenge anyone???

There are countless other things you can do to maximize your recovery and your likelihood of experiencing an injury-free PR earning CrossFit career.  Curious?  Ask a trainer, comment below, or come to the MNM Trilogy Training talk tomorrow.  A lot of these tools and techniques for recovery are the basis of MNM Training and are applicable to ALL levels.  See flyer below :)

Here is Stacy, Steph, Holly and Alison during their cool down today.  Do you stretch before you leave the gym?  That's another big one to consider.  Even just 5 minutes will support your mind and body exponentially compared to no stretching at all.





SumoDeadLift High Pull (95/135lb)
Chest to bar pull up