Eyes Of Change

Kiara was working hard this morning!  I got the chance to snap some photos of her, and after looking through them I was caught by the changes in her eyes.  Look from photo to photo how her eyes change dependent on what the task at hand is.  
Photo 1:  Ready
Photo 2:  Focused - eyes forward
Photo 3:  Determined
Photo 4: Success
*Click The Photo*

Speaking of working hard - Peter is known for that, but he's also been know to shake a leg!  


5 Rounds:
1st minute:  5x: 1 Power Clean 1 Hang Power Clean 1 Power Jerk (unbroken)
2nd minute:  AMRAP box jumps (30/24in)
3rd minute:  3 rope climbs OR 2 legless rope climbs
4th minute: rest
*Power Clean and Jerk complex goes down one set per round.  E.g. rd 2: 4x, rd 3: 3x, rd 4: 2x, rd 5: 1x