100 burpess for time. How’d it go? One thing we spoke about this morning that can be an interesting and revealing idea, is to take note of the number of burpees performed in the first minute. From this number, compare that to the overall time.

For example, if 20 burpees are completed in the first minute, and the overall time is 6:30 minutes, what does that say about pacing? A 20 burpee/minute pace would result in a 5 minute workout. The 6:30 minute total time tells us the individual slowed down - pretty significantly actually. One could even read further into it and say fatigue took hold of this athlete and the STRUGGLE WAS REAL.

Let’s say the athlete was more accurate in their pacing and started at 16 burpees/minute. That’s a 4 burpee/minute change, which is HUGELY different. This athlete would undoubtedly feel like they are going WAY too slow, but if this pace was held (16/min) for the entire workout, the end time would have been 6:15 - faster than the 20 burpee start and 6:30 end.

Slow down to speed up.
Patience attains the goal.
Less is more.
Fill in______________the blank
Personal fave: "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” - Lao Tzu

Here is Erin working on her last burpees with the support of the 9am.
What better way to finish a workout? Makes me think if anyone in 24 hour fitness in the last 24 hours not only reached this intensity, but felt a genuine community support at the same time? Nothing against 24 hour fitness - do your thing - but how can you beat this kind of fitness?



3 x 5 Weighted Dip
3 x 5 Weighted Pull Up

100 burpees for time