Big birthday shout out to our man Angelo!

Angelo has been doing CrossFit for ? I’m not sure how long, but an idea came up that has been talked about before. How do we measure age or aging? What does it mean to say someone is old or young? Are there actual measurements that can be taken to determine the difference between being young and old? Are there different ways to look at age and aging?

You may know where this is going… Our physiological systems as we age (theoretically) start to deteriorate and shut down, although I’m pretty sure (thinking back to text book days on physiology) this isn’t exactly clear, hence “theoretically.”

But if we were to use, let’s say all of the biomarkers we have for the cardiovascular system, as our structure for gauging our age - “age” could present a different idea. There could be chronological age - actually how long (time) your body has been alive on the planet and biological age - the likelihood of supporting physiological systems to sustain life.

Certain biomarkers for cardiovascular health can give a good idea of ones biological age or likelihood of sustaining life.

If a severely out of shape sedentary individual were to have a health panel done before starting a CrossFit program and then 2 years later have that same panel done, (assuming all the markers improved) can we say in a sense that individual got “younger?”

in theory then if biological systems could somehow be made to perform indefinitely, then wouldn’t chronological age be made almost entirely obsolete?

Anyway, the point is, Angelo seems to be aging, or de-aging, well ;)



30 minutes to finish 5 rounds:
Row as far as possible keeping the 500m split below 1:25/1:40.
Back squat (athlete chooses starting weight, reps start at 10 the first round and decrease by 2 each round. Weight can be increased by up to 50# the 2nd Rd., 40# the 3rd Rd., 30# the 4th rd., and 20# the 5th.)
X number of unbroken push ups (athletes choose the first round rep goal then next round complete 2 fewer reps than what they completed the previous round.)
There are 3 scores:
1) Combined meters rowed while split is below goal.
2) Final round back squat weight.
3) Final round push up rep total.