In 2005 Greg Glassman wrote an article on “virtuosity”, which in gymnastics is defined as “doing the common uncommonly well”. He argues that novices (although I think we are all victim to this) can often be seduced by the “sexier” movements, and forget or choose to ignore mastering the basics, the fundamentals. It’s like snatching before you can air squat. It’s wanting to learn a song on the piano before perfecting the scales.
True mastery of ANYTHING comes from putting in the time on the “unsexy” stuff—the fundamentals. It involves hours of practice and relentless pursuit of doing the basics beautifully. This is the true path to becoming great at something, at anything, at everything.
If you can’t do a virtuous push up like Priscilla is doing in the video, how can you do a strict HSPU like Ken and Christian are doing in the photo?


Find a 5RM Front Squat
then 1x5 @ 90% of the 5RM

12 Minute AMRAP:
Max Strict HSPU
9 KBS (70/53#)
30 Double Unders
*Score is total number of HSPU