Potty Party

Stinker Thinkers
Partner Pahty
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With a partner:
2:00 of work with 1:00 of rest at the following four stations:
Wall ball (14/20) ladder. One person working at a time, transitions on the fly with ball in the air. Reps of 1,1, 2,2 3,3... etc.
Double under ladder, same rep scheme.
Thruster (65/95) ladder, same rep scheme.
Pull up ladder.
3:00 minute rest then for time:
Reverse wall ball ladder (starting at highest rung finished earlier and working down through 1's.
Self timed 1:00 rest.
Reverse double under ladder
1:00 rest.
Reverse thruster ladder.
1:00 rest
Reverse pull up ladder.
Trying to finish under 11 minutes (time taken to complete first half)
Scores are sum of highest rungs of each ladder completed and time to complete part two.