Did You Notice?

Kelly was mentioning this morning how people were looking much more comfortable and competent doing the single leg RDLs. This impression correlated with my own experience of the movement feeling improved.

Did you notice any changes in this new movement after now doing it three times?

Adaptation from training can take many forms. In this case, because it’s more about control and positioning and not weight, the feeling of improvement is more subtle. Noticing the ability of the toes to control the body while it bends with a single leg. The increased activation/awareness of the glutes squeezing to hold the extended leg straight. Or maybe the feeling of the body more able to move as a unit and not “awkward” disjointed parts are all examples of ways to feel the body adapt.

If you’ve done this movement three times now with effort, and you don’t feel any noticeable change, maybe see if more attention needs to be paid to the movement. Have you felt into your toes? The glutes? Does the body feel like it’s moving in concert? We can take this very simple approach to all movements. The more we pay attention, the more we’ll learn. The more we learn, the more we’ll grow.

Claire was one this morning who was demonstrating great focus to what she was doing, and it showed in her movement.



4 Rounds:
8 DB Single Leg RDL (same weight as two weeks ago) per side
8 alternating DB Bench Press (same weight as 2 weeks ago) per side 
50' Single Arm  Farmer's walk per side

KBS (55/35#)
Sit Ups