Everybody Up

Have you thought about your hand position in a double under before? Do your hands drift out the side or behind while you jump rope?

On your next double under workout, see how it feels to keep your hands close to your body and slightly in front of your legs.

Lacy, Scott, Kris, and Haley were smoking this one this evening. Everyone was getting UP!



5 Rounds: 5 BB Back Rack Reverse Lunges (add 5-10#'s from last week)
3-5 Weighted Chin Ups (same weight as last week - add 1 rep)
5 Bent Over I.Y.T. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtruM2oo_Xk

10 Rounds:
1 Min On/1 Min Off:
5 Pull Ups
100m Run (50m out and back)
AMRAP double Unders