Can You Tell The Timing?

Here’s Arthur at 7am with a nicely paced clean. Notice how there’s a speed off the ground and then an acceleration through the middle. The timing of this is crucial for an efficient clean. A lot of times we jump too early or get under too quick. Arthur shows us great tempo/timing and also extension.

Here is Ashley and TJ looking nice on their cleans. Ashley also demonstrates excellent timing with her acceleration and she also extends beautifully, something that she has improved greatly.


Clean: Three singles within 60 seconds. 60-90s rest between sets.
*same weight as last week

5 minutes:
5 strict Chin Ups (supinated grip)
10 DB Plank Rows (5/side)
:20 Plank Hold
*not for score.

Thruster (75/55)
Bar facing burpee
Toe to bar