Kill Or Be Killed, Or ?

Last night began the 2019 CrossFit Games competition. There’s not much to interpret there other than that word - “competition.” In other words, what does that word mean to you? Or what is the most effective way for one to approach a “competition”? I surely don’t know, but there are a few ideas that may be helpful.

This view comes down to a simple perspective which is a function of what we choose to focus on. Am I focusing on my results, comparing myself to other people, or thinking about what others will think of my performance? Or am I focused on my attitude, effort, and facial expressions for example?

What stands out as the difference between these two perspectives? One way to look at it is that the former view is attending to things uncontrollable, while the latter perspective is concentrating on aspects within ones control.

Instead of looking at competitions as a chance to beat another person, this view holds these events as opportunities to sharpen ones own skills via the fusion of another persons challenge. In other words, it isn’t necessary to look at competitors as enemies, but rather respectable and honorable associates willing to help take our abilities to the next level.

Arthur and Gabe made great partners in the workout this morning, not necessary because they were trying to beat each other, but rather they were leveraging each others abilities and skills to take their own capacities to the next level. This perspective is held in a much more honorable, respectable, and dare I say loving way than the conventional “kill or be killed” mentality.


4 Sets:
6-8 DB Box Step Ups/Side
10 Tall Kneeling Curl to Press

600m run
60 pull ups
60 wall balls
6 rope climbs
6 prowler (up and back = 1 - 90/140)
6 rope climb
60 wall ball
60 pull ups
600m run
*Run together and one person at a time for all other exercises