What Does "Rx" Mean?

Have you ever programmed a CrossFit workout? Or ever wondered about what goes in to creating the workout of the day?

Well it turns out it’s possible to consider many factors when deciding how to put a workout together. Can you think of some variables you may consider when formulating a workout? Time domain - movements - AMRAP - heavy - bodyweight - the list goes on. The possible combinations for designing any workout are infinite. Because of this, there is plenty of creative room for individual expression.
Have you ever got a feel for someones programming? That’s their unique style.

Point of this post though is this - if we want to look at a programmed workout as art, part of interpreting the piece is to apply the “Rx” appropriately. A big message that gets transmitted through the workout description that gives us insight into the programmers thinking, is where they put the “Rx” category.

For example, todays workout was a very light DB front squat. Someone could have definitely went heavy, and that would be fine, but to the extent one wants to experience the programmers genuine style, the “Rx” idea needs to be followed.

And that is what is suggested in conclusion - to not always view the workout as black and white (it says Rx so that’s what I should do), but to maybe look a little deeper into the meaning of each WOD. Understanding the workouts with more clarity will help facilitate further growth in CrossFit. And if you don’t know, ask!!

Annie and Nathan were spot on with their weight chooses in todays workout.
11am class demonstrating the Z Press for us as well.


3 Sets:
10 Barbell Z Press https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF0Och9eq28

3 Sets:
AMRAP Strict Pull Ups @ 20x1 Tempo (trying to add one rep from last week)
10-12 DB French Press (adding weight from last week)

5 Rounds:
3 Minutes On/1 Minute Off:
3 Burpee Box Jump (24/20")
4 shuttle run (short)
7 DB front squat (25/35lb)